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Jewelry Care

Learn to take care of your jewelry so that its beauty lasts over time.

1. Keep your jewels in its original box while you are not wearing it.

2. When you wear them, first make sure that the jewels and your hands are not wet . Dry them well BEFORE to put them on.

3. Apply your creams and perfumes BEFORE wearing your jewels. Make sure the skin has completely absorbed everything BEFORE putting them on.

4. Remove your jewelry to sleep, shower, bathe, play sports and sauna (the chlorine in the water, the saltpeter of the sea, the pH of your sweat... etc, damage metal and stones). Any activity that you carry out that could aggressively dampen, wet or rub the jewel will put it at risk.

jewelry cleaning

Jewelry that is entirely made of silver and gold should be washed gently in warm water with a neutral pH soap. Once this is done, dry it well and polish it with the jewelry cloth that we include in your order.

Don't forget not to leave any moisture on it to ensure maximum shine.